A Gorgeous Area Around the Pool

When my parents retired, they decided to really enjoy themselves. They had spent years building their business together, so they did not have a lot of spare time to just enjoy life. They have always had a nice house, but it never had a swimming pool. They had an in ground pool installed about two months after their retirement. They thought they would enjoy it a lot, and they do, but they realized that they needed to hire a company that does paving in Nassau County NY to create a beautiful paradise around their pool.

They looked at different companies online, and they finally chose the one who was able to make their pool area exactly how they wanted it. Read the rest of this entry »


I No Longer Cancel Activities

I was in a car accident nearly two years ago, and I had not quite felt right ever since. There was pain in my back, and I just figured it was something I was going to have to live with for the rest of my life. It was not horrible, but on the really bad days it could get moderately painful. My friend asked me not long ago if I was ever going to see a Bakersfield chiropractor about it. I had canceled yet another bike ride on the trails because I just did not think I could handle such a long trek with how I was feeling. Read the rest of this entry »


I Was in a Car Accident Six Weeks Ago

I was involved in a car accident about six weeks ago. My car was totaled, and it honestly felt like my body was too at first. I was very thankful that there were no internal injuries, and that the main issue was just pain from acting like a little silver ball in a pinball machine. I went to my family doctor after my release from the emergency room, and he wanted to prescribe pain meds for me, the same as the ER doctor. I asked him if a Vancouver chiropractor would be able to help me without the need to take pain pills, because I just did not want to have to go down that route. Read the rest of this entry »


How We Use Our Custom Steel Building

We were deciding on what type of material to use to make a building on our property to use as an art studio. We wanted plenty of skylights for natural light, and we needed a garage door to get raw materials for sculpting and the finished pieces out. We looked at the cost for masonry and wood, and we decided that metal buildings and the many ways to configure them was our best choice. There would be tool use, dust and dirt and noise, but we wanted to be comfortable. Steel can be insulated to keep you cool and warm.

We also finished off one section of our steel building as an office and break room space. Read the rest of this entry »


A Nuisance to My New Home

I take great pride in keeping my home beautiful. I invested a great deal of money into keeping it in perfect shape. This my first home. Recently, a bad storm came through my city. It rained very hard. There was some minor flooding in my part of town. There was a lot of thunder and lightning. The hail was the size of walnuts. A tree fell on my neighbor’s house. He wasn’t seriously injured. His home suffered, but it could have been worse. I need tree removal in Asheville NC. I have two trees in my house that are very tall. They look sturdy, but they are very old. I worry that the trees will topple over on my house during the storm. I don’t want a tree to crush my house.

The old trees must be removed. They provide some shade in the summer, but are still a potential threat. The trees are a safety hazard to my home. They could fall and crush my house. My family members and I could be seriously injured or killed. I cannot let that happen to the people that I love. Read the rest of this entry »


Best Prices for Copper Scrap

In a former life, I used to be a plumber. It was pretty good money, more money than I would have thought when I got into the profession. However, I had to give it up after I began to develop arthritis in my hands. A plumber with arthritic hands is a rather useless individual, at least with respect to the field of plumbing. Anyway, I have a lot of copper pipes that I collected from jobs over the years as a plumber and I want to know the cost of copper per pound currently, or the best prices that are being given to people by scrap yards in my area.

I am thinking that I should probably sell this copper, because it is taking up a lot of room in my backyard, and I really do not like looking at the large pile of copper pipe anymore. I guess I used to think of it as a rainy day fund, but that is not the best way to have some extra money at hand, because I could have sold it years ago, and invested the money in something that would have paid interest. However, it used to seem that the price of copper was going to march steadily upwards, even if it was at a slow price, for years and years to come.

Not that long ago, the price plummeted a bit, and that was really heart breaking. I decided that I would hold onto the copper at that point, until the prices went back up, and then once the prices hit an acceptable amount again, I would go ahead and sell it to avoid the price plummeting on me again. I think that the prices might be close right now, but I need to find out that for sure.


Getting Ready to Move Again

My boss is really making a mess of my life, mostly because he can not seem to decide where I am going to work in the morning. He moved me to the other side of Ontario about three months ago and then almost immediately they decided that I was more vital where I had been. In fact I got a storage in Newmarket to keep my things in and that was a big deal for me, since I had to pay for it. It is going to turn out to be a good thing that we had the means to do it that way. Read the rest of this entry »


New Software Makes the Job So Much Easier

My husband started a new job not long ago, and he was really amazed at the software that they were using. The company employed nearly 20 people, yet he was the first one who spoke up about it. He did it in a way that was courteous, and he brought up a lot of good points during that meeting. The owner of the company said he knew the software they were using was not optimal, but they really had no choice since he could not hire a company that does software development in Preston to custom make an app for their needs.

When my husband respectfully told him he was wrong, I think it might have shocked others. He was not doing this for the sake of being right. He just wanted to make the job easier for everyone, which new software would absolutely do. Read the rest of this entry »


This is the Best Condo for Me

Moving here to New Futura has been an answer to a prayer. I wanted to find a place that is nice, safe, comfortable and close to where I work, and living here has provided me with all of that and so much more. I really did not expect to find such a nice place to live. Yes, I knew that I would have a condo that was comfortable, but living here exceeds all of my expectations! First off, the location is perfect. It is on Leonie Road, and it is so close to anything I could need.

I am not even talking about things just being a short bus ride or drive away. These are places I can walk to within minutes. Getting to work just involves walking a couple of minutes and catching a bus for another five minutes. I have never had my commute been this easy before. The condo is huge too. I love having more than enough space, mostly because I grew up in a very small house with three brothers. Read the rest of this entry »


I Wanted the Apartment Professionally Cleaned

My husband and I thought it would take us a while to find an apartment to move into. We were excited because this would be the last time we would be moving into an apartment. The next time, we would be moving into a condo that we would own, but we had to get past this last temporary stop first. When we found the three bedroom apartment with all kinds of amenities, I knew we wanted it. The first thing I did was look at companies that provide cleaning services in Singapore because I was not going to move in until it was professionally cleaned.

It looked nice when we did a quick walk through with the leasing agent. However, I am a one of those people who avoid germs as much as possible. Read the rest of this entry »


I Became a Truck Driver So That I Can Keep My Family Together

My wife told that she was leaving, and she meant it. She was frustrated with me for refusing to get a stable job. Reality set in, and I understood that I needed to do something more with my life. I had previously been looking into how to become a truck driver in the months before she left, but I had not done anything about actually becoming one. I finally realized that I was out of time, and I needed do something about bringing in a steady paycheck that would help my wife begin to trust me again. It was the only way that I was going to try to win her back.

I worked construction when I met my wife. The work was steady back then. I think I became pretty depressed when work began to die down. Instead of doing something about it, I saw myself as a victim and I hung out around the house on the couch. Read the rest of this entry »


When Did Getting One Bad Grade in School Become Such a Big Deal?

Have you ever had your teenager come to you and tell you how their world was ending? Have they hit you with normal problems that are crushing to them? I see it now with academic performance. Our daughter was devastated to get a bad grade in physics. She told me how that if her final grade dropped she might not get into the college she wanted to attend. What was not drastic to me was a highly emotional subject for her. My wife was not home during this discussion, so I tread softly and asked if physics tuition would help. She got excited and got on her computer right away to find a tutor.

I use physics in my job every day. I build bridges that need to hold up to heavy traffic and not fall down. My daily problems could literally be crushing if I do not know what I am doing. Of course I wanted our daughter to learn as much as she could about the sciences. Those are the jobs of the future. Read the rest of this entry »


Using Outside Help Has Made My Business Life Much Easier

It was my previous wife’s idea to purchase an apartment building together. When we were together, I handled all of the handyman type things in the building, and she handled the paperwork and cleaning. When she left, I asked an employee who works at a moving out cleaning in Singapore to come by and give me a quote for the costs to do apartment cleaning for me. I was pleased with the quote that I received. The employees show up on time, and it turns out that they do a much better job with cleaning than my wife ever did! They do not complain, and they leave everything looking clean and new.

I fumbled around for awhile and tried to handle all of the business paperwork on my own for a few months, but I found that I was making too many errors. Read the rest of this entry »


My Daughter Needed Help in Physics

What do you do when your child is having trouble and you don’t know what to do? My daughter is an honors student, but she was struggling in her physics class. I knew that I had to do something to help her, but that was hard to do when physics has never been my strong point. I asked her teacher what I could do to help, and she is the one who told me to go to https://physicstuitionsg.com and look at the tutoring options available. She told me that my daughter is actually very smart in the class, but there were some struggles with a few specific problems.

She assured me that my daughter would be able to not only catch up with the class if she had this tutoring but she was also pretty sure that she would surpass the majority of them. She saw something in my daughter that no one else did, and that was so encouraging to me. Read the rest of this entry »


My Opinion of President Trump is Changing

I read all kinds of Trump news because he is the president of the United States of America. I did not vote for him, but that does not mean I want him to fail. He is still my president, and I feel it is very important to stay up to date on what he is doing. There are some good things that I think he is doing, and there are some things that I think he needs to be more careful about. I have voted for six presidents in my life, and I have never seen any as outspoken as he is.

Because of his personality, he is in the news a lot more than I ever remember his predecessors being there. That really says a lot because presidents are always in the news, especially the ones representing America. Read the rest of this entry »


I’m Loving the New Condo That My Company Got for Me

A lot of people who work on my team at work seem so self-assured and smart with new things. So, when my I held my hand up and said that I would be one of the ones willing to move to another country to head up a project there. I was full of doubts. But things turned out great. I’m now living in a Singapore New Futura condo and loving every bit of my new city. The day that I volunteered to be part of the project, I was really nervous. After saying that I would like to be one of the ones to be part of it, I suddenly wanted to take it back, but it was too late. Now, I can say that I’m glad that I did it.

I have no idea why I fear change at first. My parents and siblings are all incredibly confident people. Sometimes I hear them say they are concerned about this or that, but as soon as someone else says, “It will be fine. You will do great at it,” they seem to snap out of it and have faith that it will. I’m the opposite. Read the rest of this entry »


My Daughter Needed More Fun in Her Life

I wanted to do something really nice for my daughter, but she is not the type to make that easy. She is so independent, which is what I actually prefer for her to be the majority of the time. Sometimes though, she can take it too far. I know she is super busy, and that she rarely takes the time to do something nice for herself. I decided to just take my grandchildren for a weekend, and I gave her a certificate for a manicure and pedicure. Since it is paid for already, I knew she would go ahead and do it.

Her husband was in on this, and he planned on taking her out for a night on the town since she would not have the excuse of having to take care of the kids. Read the rest of this entry »


Cleaning a House is Not a Problem

Living in a strange place can be intimating enough for someone. The last thing you want to worry about is who is going to clean your house. Well everyone may not think like I do, but that was a huge worry for me. I was moving to another country and I would be so busy with my new job that I was not going to have the energy or time to clean my own house. I went online to look for house cleaners. I did a search for part time cleaner in Singapore. I wanted to find the perfect company for my situation.I am a person who has to have a clean home. Read the rest of this entry »


Cleaning Company That Cleans Before You Move in

My husband and I are expecting our first child in three months and are so excited for the birth of our newborn baby. In preparation for our expanding family, we have purchased our first home together. It is a three-bedroom house in a very nice child-friendly neighborhood with a park nearby. We are able to move into our new home in three weeks. The only problem we have is that with me being pregnant and not able to do as much we are going to need some help from a company with pre moving in cleaning for Singapore.

My husband is very busy with work and is not able to help with the cleaning and the mere smell of the chemicals in the cleaning supplies nauseates me right now. Our realtor overheard us talking about this and suggested a company that they use quite often and gave me the name and number of the person I should speak to. Read the rest of this entry »


We Had a Bunch of Bees

We were have a good time in the back yard when I noticed it. There were about a dozen or so people over for a cookout. There were several kids over and one of them got stung by a bee. I found a big swarm of them in the rafters of the storage building and I immediately started to look for a bee exterminator for Phoenix. Obviously you have to worry that they might be Africanized honey bees or killer bees as they are called. It is not something that you want to be messing around and not us in particular. Jennie does not know if she still is or not, but she used to be allergic to bee stings. Read the rest of this entry »


Having Fun Camping and Staying Invisible to Nearby People

We camp a lot on a small piece of land we own that is close to a residential area. I use it as an opportunity to teach bushcraft to our kids. My wife is an outdoor person, and she has camped since she was a child. Our goal when camping here is to remain invisible to nearby human occupants. We do not have any gear that contrasts with the environment. You could walk within a few feet of our camp and miss it. We wear camo such as Blitz pants and other clothing, and we practice skills to stay invisible when there are people wandering by.

The kids get a real kick out of it. If we remain unnoticed for our two day camping and learning adventures, everyone gets a huge treat they all have agreed on. Read the rest of this entry »


A Foam Puzzle for My Niece

I was thinking of what to buy my niece for her birthday. She was going to be three years old, but she was not the typical two year old by any means. She loves to learn new things. I saw her playing with a wooden doll that had movable body parts because of strings. Instead of being fascinated with the doll itself, it was watching the movements and figuring them out that had her attention. I knew she needed something to help with her creative learning process, which is why I finally decided on a huge foam puzzle.

I like the fact that it is foam. Just because she was a smart soon to be three year old did not mean that she was an adult who understands about safety. I knew that the foam pieces of the puzzle would be safe for her to play with. I also loved the sea theme that is depicted on the puzzle. Read the rest of this entry »


Starting My Own Tax Filing Business Seemed Natural

I have always had a flair for understanding government rules. I have done my own taxes since I got my first full-time job at 18. I even helped my friends with their 1040-EZ returns back then. I was amazed how they could be confused by such a simple document. Then I found myself giving my parents tax advice after reading an IRS instruction book for a form Dad was having trouble filling out. Being good at taxes, I got certified to do taxes and purchased Keystone tax software to start my own business.

I work out of a small office in my home that has a separate entrance. I see a few clients every day, and a bunch of them during tax season. I make enough money that my wife does not have to work a job outside the home. She works here at home managing all the details of our tax office allowing me to work on taxes. It comes natural to me. Read the rest of this entry »


Helping My Best Friend Find an Apartment in Brandon, FL

My best friend from high school is getting divorced after only two years of marriage. She wants to move away from our hometown to make the divorce easier on herself so she won’t have any reminders of her ex-husband. I suggested that she move to Brandon, FL so we can live close to each other. I offered to let her stay with me for a while but she declined and said she wanted to find her own apartment. But she does want to move down here and is looking for an apartment for rent in Brandon FL.

She called later in the week and told me she found one apartment community that looked extremely promising and would like to plan a visit to Brandon so she can take a loot at it and also look at what job opportunities there were. That was music to my ears because I have missed her so much since I moved away. It’s going to be like old times with us. I can’t wait.

After waiting for seven dreadfully long days, my best friend finally arrived. It was so good to see her again. We immediately went to one of the newer apartment communities close to me to take a tour. We were both overwhelmed by the professional appearance of the landscaping. It was absolutely beautiful. The leasing agent took us on a tour of the common areas which included a resort style pool, a fitness center, grilling areas, an executive business center and a recycling area. She was very excited to find out they were pet-friendly and had a dog washing station. Next, we took a tour of an available apartment. These were some of the nicest apartments I have ever seen. They had modern and updated kitchens, granite countertops, a washer and dryer in every unit and beautiful 9-foot ceilings. They even had one of those curved shower curtain rods in the bathroom that you see in some of the better hotels. It didn’t take my friend very long to decide that this was going to be her next home. We went back to the office and she filled out all of the necessary paperwork to secure the apartment. She was going to move in the first of the next month. After we left, we decided to celebrate with a picnic lunch and a day at the beach. I couldn’t be more happy to have my best friend at my side again.