A Better Way to Live

Moving to Texas came with a very real surprise. Texas electricity rates are far better than they are in most of the country, a fact that would have had me moving down south had I been informed sooner! I’ve been doing everything that I can possibly do to save money as of late and moving to Texas is an attempt to do that. I found a new job that would pay far better than what I previously held while at the same time the cost of living here s cheaper than where I had grown up. Needless to say, things have been looking up for me.

Still, I was pleasantly surprised when I came across several different electric companies to choose from! Back in Louisville we only had a single company to supply us with all of our electrical needs. Unfortunately that meant you were beholden to whatever they were charge. Imagine being tight on monehy and suddenly having to start paying more for your electricity but not being able to afford it! You don’t have very many, if any, options in a situation like this in a city with only one provider for utilities. It’s a bummer that makes things incredibly difficult.

Texas is an entirely different ball game. When I began looking for a utility company I was completely expecting to just have a single provider that would service me. And yet I was shocked to discover that there were more than one! I didn’t even look over the entire list when I saw the cheapest that I could get was right here in the town with me. It goes to show what healthy competition can offer a state and now if I find myself once more tight on money I’ll be able to switch services if one of them is cheaper.


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