A Foam Puzzle for My Niece

I was thinking of what to buy my niece for her birthday. She was going to be three years old, but she was not the typical two year old by any means. She loves to learn new things. I saw her playing with a wooden doll that had movable body parts because of strings. Instead of being fascinated with the doll itself, it was watching the movements and figuring them out that had her attention. I knew she needed something to help with her creative learning process, which is why I finally decided on a huge foam puzzle.

I like the fact that it is foam. Just because she was a smart soon to be three year old did not mean that she was an adult who understands about safety. I knew that the foam pieces of the puzzle would be safe for her to play with. I also loved the sea theme that is depicted on the puzzle. I don’t think she has had any exposure to this kind of sea life, so I was pretty excited about teaching her the different things of all the animals on the puzzle.

The price was really low too for such a quality puzzle, and I was even able to get free shipping on it because I bought her two different puzzles. The Under the Sea floor foam puzzle is the one I ended up giving her, and I am going to give her the other one in a few weeks when she comes to spend the night at my house. She really took to the Under the Sea puzzle, and she has put it together at least a dozen times since getting it. It fascinates her so much, and I am just glad that she is at the age where she enjoys playing with educational toys.


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