A Gorgeous Area Around the Pool

When my parents retired, they decided to really enjoy themselves. They had spent years building their business together, so they did not have a lot of spare time to just enjoy life. They have always had a nice house, but it never had a swimming pool. They had an in ground pool installed about two months after their retirement. They thought they would enjoy it a lot, and they do, but they realized that they needed to hire a company that does paving in Nassau County NY to create a beautiful paradise around their pool.

They looked at different companies online, and they finally chose the one who was able to make their pool area exactly how they wanted it. Their yard is large, but there was just a small strip of concrete next to the pool before. They wanted pavement that goes all the way around it so they could put tables and chairs in a few spots as well as some lawn furniture. They knew that while they would enjoy the swimming a lot, that they would enjoy the lazing around the pool just as much. They just wanted to be able to do that in style too.

The company that gave them a great quote had several different ideas for the area. They were able to show my mom and dad pictures from their portfolio, and that is how they decided what they wanted around the pool. I thought that the pool looked okay before, but it looks incredible now. The pavement goes all the way around it, and it is a decorative pavement rather than just a generic looking one. It leads right to the back porch too, making it all flow really smooth together. They did such a great job with it that I am thinking of having something similar done at my own house!


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