A Nuisance to My New Home

I take great pride in keeping my home beautiful. I invested a great deal of money into keeping it in perfect shape. This my first home. Recently, a bad storm came through my city. It rained very hard. There was some minor flooding in my part of town. There was a lot of thunder and lightning. The hail was the size of walnuts. A tree fell on my neighbor’s house. He wasn’t seriously injured. His home suffered, but it could have been worse. I need tree removal in Asheville NC. I have two trees in my house that are very tall. They look sturdy, but they are very old. I worry that the trees will topple over on my house during the storm. I don’t want a tree to crush my house.

The old trees must be removed. They provide some shade in the summer, but are still a potential threat. The trees are a safety hazard to my home. They could fall and crush my house. My family members and I could be seriously injured or killed. I cannot let that happen to the people that I love. As the head of my household, I must protect my family.

I will call my county office to see what legal means I can take to remove the trees in my backyard. The county might send a city employee to help chop down the tree. They should be move the tree without damaging my house. If the county is able to remove the tree, I will be a very happy man. If they cannot remove the tree, I will have to hire a private company to do the work.

I hope everything works out for the better. I will sleep a lot quieter at night if the dangerous trees are no longer in my backyard.


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