A Website Makes Her Company Even Better

My mum decided she wanted to have a website. She has been in business for well over 20 years, and she has always resisted this move to modern times. I have tried to tell her so many times technology is her friend, but she just did not seem to understand that until recently. I knew that I had to run with this before she changed her mind, so I did a search for a company that does cheap website design in Gold Coast. I was not being cheap on purpose, but I knew that Mum did not have a lot of extra since her prices are already so low.

I was able to find a company that does excellent web design work for a price that we can definitely afford. I was able to look at some samples of other sites that they did, and I was really impressed with everything that I saw. The biggest thing for me was that she have a working shopping cart on the site, because that would be extremely helpful. Before the website, she would just take orders over the phone, so there would be times where she was on the phone at seven in the morning or at eleven at night.

With a shopping cart on her new website, she would be able to just look at the order page at set intervals throughout the day. If people have questions, they can use her contact form. This is really going to free up Mum’s time a good bit, because she is huge on customer service. Having this website makes it even better for the customers though, and I knew that it was going to make life much easier on her too. Business has been busy ever since, and she is even talking about hiring some help too. I think that is simply wonderful!


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