Audio Visual Excellence Bar None

When I took a new position in charge of the school system’s audio visual department in the Midwest, I knew I needed to look for an av system design immediately. The department was a mess. Although they definitely had the room for it, there was no centralized audio visual set up. They had equipment spread out over four different rooms, and nothing was hooked together or worked efficiently. I wondered how any of it worked at all. Apparently my predecessor jerry rigged things together as needed. He certainly used a lot of cables!

The whole thing was ridiculous and I immediately regretted taking the position. I simply couldn’t work under these conditions. What we really needed was to get rid of all the extra gear, also the extremely outdated equipment that seemed to make up most of what I found in the rooms, and replace them with newer stuff all put together in one location. I had some experience in doing a smaller set up, but this job was going to require real professionals to make it all come together and work in a seamless fashion.

Fortunately I recognized my limitations and looked online for some help. A friend at my last job knew about a specific firm that worked on the most complicated of set ups and did great work, so I looked into it and signed them on for some help. I also made an inventory and got rid of all the old stuff and used a good chunk of the budget to upgrade to better gear. By the time they showed up to put it all together, I had the new stuff on hand. I watched them work and was amazed at how quickly everything took shape. In no time at all I had a functioning av system that was the pride of the school!


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