Best Prices for Copper Scrap

In a former life, I used to be a plumber. It was pretty good money, more money than I would have thought when I got into the profession. However, I had to give it up after I began to develop arthritis in my hands. A plumber with arthritic hands is a rather useless individual, at least with respect to the field of plumbing. Anyway, I have a lot of copper pipes that I collected from jobs over the years as a plumber and I want to know the cost of copper per pound currently, or the best prices that are being given to people by scrap yards in my area.

I am thinking that I should probably sell this copper, because it is taking up a lot of room in my backyard, and I really do not like looking at the large pile of copper pipe anymore. I guess I used to think of it as a rainy day fund, but that is not the best way to have some extra money at hand, because I could have sold it years ago, and invested the money in something that would have paid interest. However, it used to seem that the price of copper was going to march steadily upwards, even if it was at a slow price, for years and years to come.

Not that long ago, the price plummeted a bit, and that was really heart breaking. I decided that I would hold onto the copper at that point, until the prices went back up, and then once the prices hit an acceptable amount again, I would go ahead and sell it to avoid the price plummeting on me again. I think that the prices might be close right now, but I need to find out that for sure.


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