Cleaning Company That Cleans Before You Move in

My husband and I are expecting our first child in three months and are so excited for the birth of our newborn baby. In preparation for our expanding family, we have purchased our first home together. It is a three-bedroom house in a very nice child-friendly neighborhood with a park nearby. We are able to move into our new home in three weeks. The only problem we have is that with me being pregnant and not able to do as much we are going to need some help from a company with pre moving in cleaning for Singapore.

My husband is very busy with work and is not able to help with the cleaning and the mere smell of the chemicals in the cleaning supplies nauseates me right now. Our realtor overheard us talking about this and suggested a company that they use quite often and gave me the name and number of the person I should speak to. I placed the call as soon as I got home and the lady I spoke to was just as nice as can be. She explained the pre-moving in cleaning service they provide. They will clean all of the kitchen cabinets and drawers, the windows, fans and will even clean the refrigerator for us. This sounded ideal to me so I went ahead and hired them on the spot. We scheduled for them to clean five days before we moved in.

I normally liked to do my own cleaning because I know it is done right but the lady on the phone assured me that I would be happy with everything when they are done. This has lifted a huge burden off of my shoulders and I couldn’t be more pleased. Maybe this can be a long-lasting working relationship for years to come.


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