Generic Meds Are Just As Good

I usually buy the generic versions of medication when I need them. The name brand varieties can often be too much for me to afford. The generic versions work just as well as the more expensive stuff, so I see no reason to pay more for the medication if I don’t have to do it. Even something like generic Sildenafil, which also goes by the more popular name Viagra, will work without a problem. At my age, I would prefer to not have to take medication to deal with erectile issues, but some things just can’t be helped. The human body gets older, and things don’t always work like they used to when I was younger.

Since I’m always curious as to whether a generic version of a medication will work, when I found out that I needed to have medication for my erectile dysfunction, I asked about the generic version. The response from people who had used the generic version was overwhelmingly positive. Some users had used the brand name version before, and they couldn’t tell a difference in the potency of the medication. I consider user feedback to be the best way to know if something is worth the money. In person feedback is even greater, because you can look a user in the eye and talk to them directly.

On my first try of the generic medication for erectile dysfunction, I had amazing results. Without the medication, it would take me a while to get an erection, and there was no guarantee that I would be able to maintain it. Having an erection go away during the middle of an intimate moment is one of the saddest experiences that I’ve ever seen. It’s so embarrassing that it makes me not want to be intimate anymore. The generic medication makes the erection come easier and it stays around.


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