Getting Ready to Move Again

My boss is really making a mess of my life, mostly because he can not seem to decide where I am going to work in the morning. He moved me to the other side of Ontario about three months ago and then almost immediately they decided that I was more vital where I had been. In fact I got a storage in Newmarket to keep my things in and that was a big deal for me, since I had to pay for it. It is going to turn out to be a good thing that we had the means to do it that way. If I had dragged all of my stuff with me when I moved I would be ill at everyone because there would be a real problem. I have been renting the furniture that I have, because the truth is that I never intended to stay here. One way or another I meant to get back to the same place where all of my friends and family are. It is a really barren life when you are alone.

Now I am just getting ready to move and looking for a new place to stay. I figure that there is a good place that is almost perfect in the way of a location. That is not so much the issue, because this is a luxury apartment complex and it costs a lot more than I could pay. At least I could not manage it on my own. I would need to get a roommate if I was serious about moving there, but I have not ever really had much luck when it comes to roommates. They always seem to find a new and creative way to put me at the wrong end of the stick. One of them actually went crazy.


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