Having Fun Camping and Staying Invisible to Nearby People

We camp a lot on a small piece of land we own that is close to a residential area. I use it as an opportunity to teach bushcraft to our kids. My wife is an outdoor person, and she has camped since she was a child. Our goal when camping here is to remain invisible to nearby human occupants. We do not have any gear that contrasts with the environment. You could walk within a few feet of our camp and miss it. We wear camo such as Blitz pants and other clothing, and we practice skills to stay invisible when there are people wandering by.

The kids get a real kick out of it. If we remain unnoticed for our two day camping and learning adventures, everyone gets a huge treat they all have agreed on. One treat was to visit a water park. No camo there, but it is a different kind of fun. The bushcraft skills are not directly usable for the careers the kids will likely get into, but they build confidence. They let you know that you can learn to do things that regular folks just never learn. This lets you see that the only limits are ones you impose upon yourself.

We have a friend we invited to find us. He and his wife and child walked right passed our tent and did not see it or us. We heard them coming from the door slamming on the car at the edge of the woods. When they walked passed us, we sent our dog out to greet them. She is trained to be still and quiet. The kids were so impressed with proving their skills that they spent the rest of the camp time teaching our friends. I learned this stuff from my dad, and it is fun to pass down to our kids.


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