How We Use Our Custom Steel Building

We were deciding on what type of material to use to make a building on our property to use as an art studio. We wanted plenty of skylights for natural light, and we needed a garage door to get raw materials for sculpting and the finished pieces out. We looked at the cost for masonry and wood, and we decided that metal buildings and the many ways to configure them was our best choice. There would be tool use, dust and dirt and noise, but we wanted to be comfortable. Steel can be insulated to keep you cool and warm.

We also finished off one section of our steel building as an office and break room space. My wife and I spend so many hours in the building working on our sculptures that we needed some of the amenities of home too. We have a bathroom with a shower, and we have a kitchen. Our metal building is a couple hundred feet from our house, so having the extras is nice when we are working on a sculpture. We also have the interior space partitioned, so we can have our dogs in the break room and clay area as there is nothing toxic or dangerous there for them to get into. The foundry, metal grinding and welding areas are off-limits to them.

When we were looking at metal buildings, we took the time to think ours through, and we got just what we needed. If we had installed a bedroom in our steel building, it would be just as comfortable as our house. It is amazing what you can do with them. You can go from a completely finished and decorated living space into a large open area with a concrete floor that can be anything from a garage to a barn for animals.


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