I Am Trying to Learn About Bitcoin

Of course it does not really do me much immediate good to learn about bitcoin, I am not in a position to need the bitcoin trader app that I have been playing with. I think that one bitcoin costs about eight thousand bucks right now, and my intention is to learn how to make money from the technology that is involved in it. In fact there are many reasons to want to learn about bitcoins, but the big thing is not the digital currency itself, but the security that underlies it. Obviously if a money is based in ones and zeros, then you have to worry about hackers. They get around this threat through something called blockchain, which in fact has a great many other applications. The people who came up with the idea of bitcoin seemed to want to keep the government from knowing what they were doing and they came up with the idea of blockchain to keep the cryptocurrency safe from anyone who might want to take it, or in fact if they wanted to tax it too.

The truth is that you can do a million other things with blockchain, that there are countless other things where you need to keep security on other internet applications. The big tech companies come up with a different way to use it almost every time you open up the news to read about it. That in turn means that there are going to be countless jobs for the people who understand the stuff, and these are the kinds of jobs that you can make a lot of money doing. It is difficult to make any money at all if you do not have an education and this is exactly the sort of skill that you are going to need in the future.


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