I Became a Truck Driver So That I Can Keep My Family Together

My wife told that she was leaving, and she meant it. She was frustrated with me for refusing to get a stable job. Reality set in, and I understood that I needed to do something more with my life. I had previously been looking into how to become a truck driver in the months before she left, but I had not done anything about actually becoming one. I finally realized that I was out of time, and I needed do something about bringing in a steady paycheck that would help my wife begin to trust me again. It was the only way that I was going to try to win her back.

I worked construction when I met my wife. The work was steady back then. I think I became pretty depressed when work began to die down. Instead of doing something about it, I saw myself as a victim and I hung out around the house on the couch. She had to work full time, and I stayed home with our son. However, she doesn’t make a lot of money, so things were pretty tight with our budget. We often had to go without some very basic things, and that is my fault. I should have been doing all that I could to bring more money in for my family.

When my wife told me that she was leaving, I told her that I would change. She didn’t believe me, and I don’t blame her. It took watching her walk out the door with our son for me to wake up. I knew that I would not see her again if I didn’t get serious. I also knew that she can’t afford to bring up our son on the small salary she made. When I found a good driving school that I could go to, I signed up immediately, did the training and got my license. Now, I can officially drive trucks, and I’ve been hired to work at a good company.


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