I Have Had to Learn a Lot and I Love It

I have been flying for a by the seat of my pants at the company that I work for, and I don’t mind that one bit. I was lucky enough to get the job because my uncle hired me. Most places will not hire you when you don’t have a lot of experience. Since my uncle knows me well, he told me that he was willing to train me. For example, he told me that he needed me to help out by finding a particular scale he needs for our employees, which is a Sensortronics 60001A. He isn’t the one who told me to get that exact one, he said he was going to leave it up to me to find out which one. That is the one that I found.

I find that when you feel like you are over your head with different things, talking to other people who have some idea of what you need are really interested in helping you out. So I began calling a lot of the different companies that offered the scales that we need. I told them exactly what our company does and explained in detail what the products redo handle. A lot of people helped me out, and it allowed me to get closer to my end goal of finding the perfect scale.

It took me just a few weeks to figure out what we needed. Once I found out the exact thing that I wanted our company to purchase, I put all the information together and give it to my uncle. He was really impressed with the work that I did. He has given me a lot of other jobs and he has let me feel my way through along with training from him and I’ve gotten really good at the things that I do here. I was a little worried about that when I first started working here, but I have been able to handle everything that he has thrown at me to learn about.


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