I Wanted the Apartment Professionally Cleaned

My husband and I thought it would take us a while to find an apartment to move into. We were excited because this would be the last time we would be moving into an apartment. The next time, we would be moving into a condo that we would own, but we had to get past this last temporary stop first. When we found the three bedroom apartment with all kinds of amenities, I knew we wanted it. The first thing I did was look at companies that provide cleaning services in Singapore because I was not going to move in until it was professionally cleaned.

It looked nice when we did a quick walk through with the leasing agent. However, I am a one of those people who avoid germs as much as possible. I knew that there was a chance that the people who had lived there before were extremely clean and did a thorough cleaning before they left. However, I also knew that it was possible that they just did a quick clean so they would get all of their deposit back. I did not mind spending the money to have a professional company clean it because it would mean that I would absolutely know that it was done right.

I had no idea which companies were reputable in the area and which were not, so I asked the leasing agent if she had any experience with any of the cleaning companies in the area. She told me that her office uses Kleepers, and they have never had a problem with them. They had always been satisfied with the cleaning work that was done, and that was good enough for me. I saw that they actually have a moving in package, and I took advantage of that. I knew that it was going to be perfect because I got the package that has two cleaners spending five hours there. It was the right choice, because the apartment looked amazing by the time the moving truck rolled up to the front door.


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