I Was in a Car Accident Six Weeks Ago

I was involved in a car accident about six weeks ago. My car was totaled, and it honestly felt like my body was too at first. I was very thankful that there were no internal injuries, and that the main issue was just pain from acting like a little silver ball in a pinball machine. I went to my family doctor after my release from the emergency room, and he wanted to prescribe pain meds for me, the same as the ER doctor. I asked him if a Vancouver chiropractor would be able to help me without the need to take pain pills, because I just did not want to have to go down that route.

He told me that he regularly seeks out chiropractic care not only for himself but also for his entire family. Because of this, he was pretty well educated on the pros and cons of it. Since I had no internal injuries, there were no cons at all. He explained how a chiropractic adjustment helps a person heal naturally without the need for pain medication or surgery. Everything he said sounded like exactly what I wanted, so I asked him for a recommendation since I had never seen one before.

When he gave me the name of his own chiropractor, I knew that I was going to be in good hands. I literally trust my family doctor with my life, and I knew that he would not steer me wrong. The moment I met the chiropractor, I knew that I was definitely in good hands. I had a complete physical examination to determine my range of motion and the problem areas, and I had an adjustment done that day. I also was given a list of things to do at home to help with my recovery. To make a long story short, I feel incredible today, and I did not have to take a single pill to get this way.


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