Limo Rental for Anniversary Celebration

My wife and I did not have a very fancy wedding. It was very minimalist. Not by our decision though, we just didn’t have any money to do anything more for the wedding. Kind of a shame, and so I want to do something to make it up to my wife. I want to go here on this website and see about renting a limo for the night of our anniversary. I think that would be pretty special, and I need to figure out some other things we can do to celebrate the anniversary. But I do believe that renting a limo is a good start.

Anyway, I need to figure out prices on an hourly basis and how long we would be able to rent it for. I really want to keep it for the whole night, because that seems like it would be most ideal. Of course, it will depend a bit on how much it costs and what else I decide we are going to do to celebrate. I would like to go to a fancy restaurant. I was thinking that an Italian restaurant because chicken parmesan is her favorite meal, and it would be nice to go and sit in a fine Italian establishment and have some good food with some good wine.

But I probably should figure out something that we can do after the dinner. I am not sure where else we might go, and I am kind of tempted to ask her. But there is a bit of a problem in doing so. I intend this whole celebration of our anniversary to be a surprise. And so if I asked her, I would ruin the surprise. I guess I could ask her carefully, in a way that she did not realize I was planning somethig.


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