My Daughter Needed Help in Physics

What do you do when your child is having trouble and you don’t know what to do? My daughter is an honors student, but she was struggling in her physics class. I knew that I had to do something to help her, but that was hard to do when physics has never been my strong point. I asked her teacher what I could do to help, and she is the one who told me to go to and look at the tutoring options available. She told me that my daughter is actually very smart in the class, but there were some struggles with a few specific problems.

She assured me that my daughter would be able to not only catch up with the class if she had this tutoring but she was also pretty sure that she would surpass the majority of them. She saw something in my daughter that no one else did, and that was so encouraging to me. I looked at the website she gave me for tuition, and I was impressed with everything that I saw. I knew that this was the right answer, but I still wanted to talk to my daughter about it before I made the arrangements.

My daughter was excited when she looked at the site. She told me that she wanted to understand more, and she was feeling pretty confident that she would be able to if she took those classes. The prices were definitely in our budget, so I signed her up for them. I thought that it would take several classes to really notice a difference, but her teacher told me that she could tell a difference the very next day in her own class. Her teacher was right too, about my daughter passing up most of the others in her class!


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