My Daughter Needed More Fun in Her Life

I wanted to do something really nice for my daughter, but she is not the type to make that easy. She is so independent, which is what I actually prefer for her to be the majority of the time. Sometimes though, she can take it too far. I know she is super busy, and that she rarely takes the time to do something nice for herself. I decided to just take my grandchildren for a weekend, and I gave her a certificate for a manicure and pedicure. Since it is paid for already, I knew she would go ahead and do it.

Her husband was in on this, and he planned on taking her out for a night on the town since she would not have the excuse of having to take care of the kids. It is not that she doesn’t want to have fun, but she does lose track that she needs to take time for herself too. She went to the nail salon, and she later told me that she was actually glad to go. She enjoyed having someone else take care of her needs, even if it was just taking care of her nails.

She was able to select from a number of different designs, and she surprised us all by getting a really fun design instead of something simple yet elegant. That is something else she told me later, that she realizes she is too serious the majority of the time, and that she needs to just stop and enjoy life. Getting that manicure and pedicure that day was a real eye opener for her, because she had never considered having something fun done with her nails. She goes at least once a month now, and she even takes her oldest daughter sometimes so the two can have a fun day out together!


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