New Software Makes the Job So Much Easier

My husband started a new job not long ago, and he was really amazed at the software that they were using. The company employed nearly 20 people, yet he was the first one who spoke up about it. He did it in a way that was courteous, and he brought up a lot of good points during that meeting. The owner of the company said he knew the software they were using was not optimal, but they really had no choice since he could not hire a company that does software development in Preston to custom make an app for their needs.

When my husband respectfully told him he was wrong, I think it might have shocked others. He was not doing this for the sake of being right. He just wanted to make the job easier for everyone, which new software would absolutely do. His new company still did mostly manual paper filing, rather than digitizing all of the records so they would be safer overall and much easier to access. When the owner told him to do some research on a company that could create a custom software app for them, my husband got right to work on it.

He knew that he wanted Loading Deck to do the software development as that is the same company that had created software apps for his last place of employment. Everything there was streamlined and very easy to use, and he wanted the same thing for this new company. He, the owner and a rep from Loading Deck discussed the different things that could be done, and it did not take long at all for the new software to be ready. Everyone in the office loves how much easier it makes their jobs, and the best part is my husband’s boss told him that he expects a lot of great things to happen to him while there!


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