One Idea for Strengthening Our Navy and Coast Guard

Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum preserved Harvard 2532used under the ...The US Marines are the first to go in, but it is the US Navy that gets them there. History proves that naval fleets have decided who wins. Everyone speaks of the air power being a dominant factor in the outcome of conflict. However, those planes are brought in on ships. The taxi to the theater of operations for any conflict is going to be a ship or boat. This is why it is necessary to concentrate efforts on building up both the Coast Guard and the Navy.

We need the men and women trained to run the systems and we need the vessels. The problem is that in a time where there is not a major conflict in progress, Congress will not cough up the cash to keep the fleet strong. These huge vessels cannot be built overnight. The time it takes to ramp up to go to battle can cost many lives. It is better to keep pace with viable possibilities now rather than try to catch up later. We do not have to plan for fringe possibilities. Just do something about the obvious and even the inevitable (such as Iran getting nukes).

War drives an economy. There has to be a way to use the fundamentals of this to drive the economy by building up our defenses. Since we do not have an national requirement for military service, there is no consistent need to push for military growth or even stabilization. I would propose more opportunities for minimally trained civilian service in the military that is somewhere between soldier and civilian. Not compulsory, but encouraged. The influx of those who give up some time for service will get training they can use in the real world. Front line fighters will still be trained as they are now. The new class of civilian soldier would serve in an infrastructure support capacity in all industry segments that run the military machine.

This way economic factors would encourage growth and the stabilization of our armed forces including our Navy and Coast Guard. It is just an idea. It is not fleshed out. Maybe someone can run with it and work for a positive change. Even if it is just in the attitude of civilian service to the defense of our country.


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