Limo Rental for Anniversary Celebration

My wife and I did not have a very fancy wedding. It was very minimalist. Not by our decision though, we just didn’t have any money to do anything more for the wedding. Kind of a shame, and so I want to do something to make it up to my wife. I want to go here on this website and see about renting a limo for the night of our anniversary. I think that would be pretty special, and I need to figure out some other things we can do to celebrate the anniversary. But I do believe that renting a limo is a good start.

Anyway, I need to figure out prices on an hourly basis and how long we would be able to rent it for. I really want to keep it for the whole night, because that seems like it would be most ideal. Read the rest of this entry »


One Idea for Strengthening Our Navy and Coast Guard

Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum preserved Harvard 2532used under the ...The US Marines are the first to go in, but it is the US Navy that gets them there. History proves that naval fleets have decided who wins. Everyone speaks of the air power being a dominant factor in the outcome of conflict. However, those planes are brought in on ships. The taxi to the theater of operations for any conflict is going to be a ship or boat. This is why it is necessary to concentrate efforts on building up both the Coast Guard and the Navy.

We need the men and women trained to run the systems and we need the vessels. The problem is that in a time where there is not a major conflict in progress, Congress will not cough up the cash to keep the fleet strong. These huge vessels cannot be built overnight. The time it takes to ramp up to go to battle can cost many lives. It is better to keep pace with viable possibilities now rather than try to catch up later. Read the rest of this entry »


What is the Future of the Atlantic Fleet?

VSXY Virgin Atlantic Airways Airbus A330-343X taken 04-05-2011 at ...If I was honest I would say that I do not believe we need any more fleet aircraft carriers and that it would be better to reduce the number of big deck carriers in favor of a more flexible fleet. This especially applies to the Atlantic Fleet, which really does not seem to have any real opposition. In South America there are no real hostile forces that we should be overly concerned about. In truth we could not currently foresee any need for overt military action by large forces, either at sea or on land or even in the Air.

In Africa there are many problems, but not many problems which can be solved by a large carrier fleet. Amphibious assault ships and small deck helicopters are the resources that might be required in any likely events there. Read the rest of this entry »