People Kept Hitting My Tree

When a van backed into a tree on my property, I knew it was time to do something. Even with signs up telling people to not use my property as a turning lane, they still do it. Six cars have hit the same tree, and I finally had enough. I was worried that someone was going to get hurt, and I knew that my only option was to have it taken down. I contacted a tree service in asheville nc to see if they could come give me a quote, and I was very happy with the price that they gave me.

I know that I could have put up a wall or a fence, but I never really cared for the tree anyway. I knew that I would always have it taken down one day, but that day just never came until the seventh vehicle had hit it. Since the price was so low, I thought that they would just take the tree down when they could, and I was expecting to have to clean up a large mess with it too. When they told me they would be out the next day, I was surprised but happy too.

It only took them a few hours because of the equipment and personnel that they had. When they were done, I went out to look at it. I was surprised to see that every bit of the mess was cleaned up. I couldn’t see even a straggler left behind as far as limbs and branches are concerned. They did such a fantastic job, and it actually looks a lot better now. I am sure that people are still going to use my property to turn around on, but now at least I know that no one will get hurt because of that tree.


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