Selling While Keeping Them Interested

The marketing tactics of the past don’t really have the same weight as they used to in the days before the existence of the Internet. Exposure to the Internet has decreased the level of patience that customers have, because they want to have everything as quickly as possible. The longer a potential customer has to wait for something, the higher the chance that they will just give up on it all together. Rather than using a lot of text to sell, it’s better to have a video sales letter copywriter write a script that can be used in a sales video.

A video makes it possible to get right to the point of what you want to say and minimizes the chance of distraction. I can think back to all of the times when I’ve had to read a product description and wished that it would just tell me what I needed to know about a product without talking in circles. It gets even worse when the product is something more high tech. I sell laptop accessories, and I know that no one wants to read a long paragraph about these items. Instead, I hired someone to write the script for me.

Using the script, I produced a short video that gave a brief description of the accessories. The video even has a demo of the accessories in action, so people can see how they are supposed to work. This also helps to eliminate a lot of problems that people have when they are trying to figure out how to use a product for the first time. Often the instructions for a product won’t give a clear enough description for some people, causing them to become frustrated, or in some cases, break the product while trying to figure out how to use it.


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