Sometimes You Need to Swallow Pride and Get Real Help

My parents always did things in a natural way. They grew their own vegetables, had a yard full of trees that were full of fruit, did their own canning and made their own house cleaning products. I loved this old way of life, and I followed it when I was out on my own as an adult. So, when I had an insect infestation in my home recently, I ended up needing an exterminator in NYC for help, even though I tried to fix the problem on my own.

Ants were a common problem in the building where I lived. I typically did not contact the man who owns the building whenever I had a problem with anything because I knew how to fix issues on my own. But this time, I could not combat the ants that I kept finding in my place. The problem grew so large that not only were they in my kitchen, I found them in my bedroom, living room and bathroom, too. I kept all foods in my fridge because the pests got into anything I kept in any of my kitchen cabinets.

The morning I woke up with a line of ants crawling over my arm, I knew that I needed to give up and get real help. I decided to pay for it myself because that meant that I could choose which company would come over and the products they used. When I called them, I explained that I typically try to use certain products and not others, and they assured me they could help. They have some new products that are considered to be eco-friendly, which really pleased me. I even looked up the products they were talking about, and the employee was right! They came over and sprayed for me, and then promised I should not see anymore trouble. I have been ant-free since then.


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