Starting My Own Tax Filing Business Seemed Natural

I have always had a flair for understanding government rules. I have done my own taxes since I got my first full-time job at 18. I even helped my friends with their 1040-EZ returns back then. I was amazed how they could be confused by such a simple document. Then I found myself giving my parents tax advice after reading an IRS instruction book for a form Dad was having trouble filling out. Being good at taxes, I got certified to do taxes and purchased Keystone tax software to start my own business.

I work out of a small office in my home that has a separate entrance. I see a few clients every day, and a bunch of them during tax season. I make enough money that my wife does not have to work a job outside the home. She works here at home managing all the details of our tax office allowing me to work on taxes. It comes natural to me. People tell me all the time how they cannot make heads or tails of the forms they need to fill out, and they tell me that reading the instructions just makes them more confused. I don’t get that because I understand what is required quite easily. So much so that I have never heard of a client having a problem with an audit.

I use the Keystone tax software because it meets my standards and is affordable. I do not have to pay a fortune to use it. I get to keep my profit margin higher, and that lets me take in fewer clients to concentrate my full attention on the ones I have. I never thought that the government’s complicated tax system would end up securing me an annual income that supports my family and is financing and early retirement.


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