Taking Care of Multiple Devices

I was placed in charge of the new computer section of the community center. The section was made so that people in the community could come and access the Internet and use the computers for various education and business tasks. The section is also used to teach the young and elderly about computers on the weekends. The section has laptops and tablets that people use, and charging them used to be a pain until I learned that I could buy charging trolleys. There were more devices than outlets in the section, so I had to create one location where everything could be charged.

The trolley makes it easier to charge the devices because they all can be placed on it, and then the trolley can be connected to an outlet. The trolley has wheels, so it can be moved around to different locations, depending on which one is the most convenient at the time. When the devices are done charging, people can take them off at their leisure and start using them, and then bring them back when they get done so the next person can use them. It’s a pretty efficient system that keeps everyone happy.

The younger people prefer to use the tablets, while the older ones prefer the laptops. There’s something about the touch screens that really excite the younger crowd, but the older people find it annoying. I guess that’s just how it is with technology. When I was younger, I would use a keyboard and a touch pad, and my parents would hate it because they were used to using trackballs and ball mice. I’m sure in the future, technology will get to a point when we won’t have to use our hands at all, and the generation that grew up on touch screens will probably hate that.


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