Things Are Better Now That My Grandfather is Being Looked After

My grandfather called me in a panic one night. It was 11:30pm, and he was crying and said that he didn’t understand why my grandmother had not come home yet. The thing that was scary about that is that she died over 20 years ago. Nothing I said that night helped him to believe me when I told him that, and that when I realized that he needed the help of one of the local Fort Lauderdale home care services because he was losing his mental functions in his older years. He is 88 years old, and it is very common for this to happen to a large number of people when they reach their eighties.

Grandpa had often told me that both of his parents had dementia when they were seniors. He said that his father was docile and sweet during those years. It affected my grandmother differently in that it made her angry and agitated with so many things. Luckily, my grandfather has become soft-spoken and gentle. So the employee that I hired to come look after him just loves him to death. I have not met her yet, but we have had some video chats and she seems lovely. Video chatting is not something that my grandfather could handle himself, but she helps to set up his computer so that he and I can talk over his webcam together.

I will be flying out there soon. I will be assessing the situation when I go out there. I may move out there, or I might find out if he is willing to move back to where I live. I will see where the question leads me when I get there. I am really happy that I have been able to hire someone to help take care of him during this time that I am so far away from him.


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