This is the Best Condo for Me

Moving here to New Futura has been an answer to a prayer. I wanted to find a place that is nice, safe, comfortable and close to where I work, and living here has provided me with all of that and so much more. I really did not expect to find such a nice place to live. Yes, I knew that I would have a condo that was comfortable, but living here exceeds all of my expectations! First off, the location is perfect. It is on Leonie Road, and it is so close to anything I could need.

I am not even talking about things just being a short bus ride or drive away. These are places I can walk to within minutes. Getting to work just involves walking a couple of minutes and catching a bus for another five minutes. I have never had my commute been this easy before. The condo is huge too. I love having more than enough space, mostly because I grew up in a very small house with three brothers. Having so much space to live in is a dream come true. The rooms are spacious, and I have everything I need.

The kitchen is huge with plenty of gorgeous counters and cupboard space. There is a laundry room, a guest bath, and a nice living room with a spectacular view. My bedroom has a large closet, which is actually bigger than what I could ever need, and a master bath. The guest room is not much different! Walking out my front door, I can be at one of the pools within a minute or the fitness center is just an elevator ride away. The nicest part of moving here though is meeting so many new people, some of whom I know will be lifelong friends!


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