Using Outside Help Has Made My Business Life Much Easier

It was my previous wife’s idea to purchase an apartment building together. When we were together, I handled all of the handyman type things in the building, and she handled the paperwork and cleaning. When she left, I asked an employee who works at a moving out cleaning in Singapore to come by and give me a quote for the costs to do apartment cleaning for me. I was pleased with the quote that I received. The employees show up on time, and it turns out that they do a much better job with cleaning than my wife ever did! They do not complain, and they leave everything looking clean and new.

I fumbled around for awhile and tried to handle all of the business paperwork on my own for a few months, but I found that I was making too many errors. So, I ended up hiring an office manager. She does a great job with everything. It didn’t take long to realize that she does a better job with keeping everything organized and on track than my wife ever did! It didn’t take me long to realize that it is best to work with people who are not connected to you in any way because they won’t make excuses about the work they do for you.

I live in the same apartment building that I own. It makes life very simple. I get up in the morning, shower, and then I can start work within 15 minutes of waking up. At lunch, I can go back to my apartment for a quick bite to eat and then take a short nap. Taking a nap each day helps me to feel energized all day long. Living on the premises also works out well when one of my renters needs something at night. I don’t have to drive to and from the building to get things done. I just grab my toolbox, walk over to the unit where there’s a problem and start working immediately upon arrival.


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