We Feel That a Limo Will Be Worth It

I was ecstatic when my fiance proposed to me a few months ago. Out of all the people that I have dated, he is the one that feels like “home” to me. He treats me with respect and supports me in so many ways that other people haven’t. I originally planned on having a small wedding, but it has suddenly become a much bigger deal. My fiance was visiting http://www.starnightlimousine.ca last night and turned and asked me if I would like to have a limo pick us up. I wasn’t expect that and wasn’t sure if I should say yes or no at first!

We are both on a limited budget because we are saving for a home. A limo is a fabulous thing, but I wasn’t sure if we should do it. We have lived together in the smallest little studio apartment for months as a way to save money.

We decided to discuss it and my fiance reminded me that we will only be able to get married once together. There will be no future chances for this big day, unless we decided to have a renewal ceremony when you’re older, and that’s just not the same as your big wedding day. We decided to check on the price first.

I called the company that he found and was really happy that the prices are pretty low. I always thought limos were something that would always be out of my grasp. Not only that, the price was cheap enough that we decided to rent a second one to go pick up my parents and his parents on the big day to take them both to the ceremony. I know that they will all be tickled by it because none of them have ever ridden in one before at any point.


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