We Had a Bunch of Bees

We were have a good time in the back yard when I noticed it. There were about a dozen or so people over for a cookout. There were several kids over and one of them got stung by a bee. I found a big swarm of them in the rafters of the storage building and I immediately started to look for a bee exterminator for Phoenix. Obviously you have to worry that they might be Africanized honey bees or killer bees as they are called. It is not something that you want to be messing around and not us in particular. Jennie does not know if she still is or not, but she used to be allergic to bee stings. Of course the fact is that those bees are so aggressive that they are a threat to just about any person. They will literally sting you hundreds and hundreds of times and without that much of a reason.

At any rate we called this guy and he apparently wanted to keep the bees and use them for his honey operations. He sold us a few jars of honey while he was there, so I guess he was more of a bee capturer than a bee exterminator. That was fine with me any way. It is not like you want them to be using a bunch of poison around your house if you can avoid that. So I was just as happy if he wanted to collect them and take them home with him. That was not something that I was worried about. He claimed that the killer bees made really great honey, but of course he can keep all of that. It is a lot better for me to just have them go back to Africa or wherever it is they came from.


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