Weights for a Home Gym

I used to have a membership at a gym. It was good, and I liked the variety of exercise machines offered, but I eventually got tired of paying for it. I wanted to have my own gym at home and the ability to work out whenever I wanted without paying any money beyond the cost of equipment. The first thing I needed for my own gym was a good set of dumbbells. Many people online recommended that I try the Bowflex 1090 dumbbells. These aren’t like the average dumbbell set because they can adjust easily to become different weights.

The dumbbells have a unique weight plate system where you can add or remove the weights by adjusting a dial and sliding the dumbbell in and out of a specific tray that houses them. With other types of dumbbells, you typically have to unscrew or remove a clamp to add more weight, which can waste a lot of time, especially if you only have a limited window for working out. Now everything is more streamlined and you can get in more reps with the extra time that you gain. It’s an interesting technology that I would love to see used in other devices outside of gym weights.

I purchased the weights just like everyone recommended and I absolutely love them. Going from one weight to the next is so simple, and I’m surprised that no one else thought of something like this before. The next thing I did was look for something that would make it easy to do pull ups at home. I’ve seen those various pull up bars that sit in a door frame, and while they work, they do look like an accident waiting to happen if they fall. I decided to just build a retractable pull up stand out of some pipe fittings from the hardware store.


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